For a cosmopolitan area like Naga City, we have adopted an approach which we believe would appeal to the taste and needs of a diverse audience that make “Ciudad Nen Naga”, as it was called during earlier times, vibrant and burgeoning.

Situated at the center of the Bicol Peninsula, and surrounded on all sides by rich agricultural, forests and fishing areas. Naga is also at the confluence of the Naga and Bicol rivers, making it an ideal place for trade and as center for schools, government offices and churches.

Being such, the need for news and information is as much sought as the refreshing pleasure of listening to good music after a hard day’s work.




Magik FM Naga City’s programming is just as interesting and colorful as the place itself.

It is an admixture of AM and FM programs which probably has not been seen yet anywhere in the country.

But the experiment, or the concept to put it into a better perspective, is proving to be fully worth the effort because listeners everywhere in the city and around the province of Camarines Sur are finding out that the unperturbed quality FM signal that does away with the usual intermittent static and crackling sounds common among AM stations has made news and commentary programs more enjoyable to listen to.

Not only that. The fact that DWOS Magik FM has gathered the best there are in the field of reporting, news casting and in the dissertation of issues and event have all the more made the station dominant and influencial in the community.

It’s a happy mix, anyway of news and music, but in the right and proper slots though so as to make listening continous and not segmented.




2/F. JADP Bldg., Zone 1 cor. GrandE, Naga City
Tel.: (054)473-0318, (054) 473-0314,
(054) 473-0316, (054)811-5703
Fax: (054) 473-0318

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